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Top 10 Brad Pitt Performances

January 31, 2010

For the past decade and then some, his name has been one of the most popular in Hollywood and he remains an icon of the cool, rugged style of famous actors of the generation- marked by his frequent change of hairstyles matched only by soccer superstar David Beckham. But when you’ve been nominated twice by the Academy and you’ve starred in 5 movies that have won an Oscar and 7 others that have been nominated, you deserve that kind of fame.

It’s an irrefutable fact.. Brad Pitt is one of the most infamous actors of the generation. With virtually no major weak spots in his filmography, Pitt has had the kind of career that most actors only ever dream of. Having lived a life that has so far included working as a chicken mascot for a restaurant in his young years, enduring a love life worthy of its own film adaptation, and displaying his own compassion for the human race through numerous acts of humanitarianism and charity, Pitt has made his mark in Hollywood and will undoubtedly remain a star for years to come.

As one of my own personal favorite actors, Pitt has wowed me on several occasions and I felt his acting career was worthy of its own top 10 list.

So… To all of my female readers, I have included a picture of Brad Pitt above and also one from each of the below films just for you all. To all of my readers who happen to be fans of Brad Pitt’s actual work, click Read More and enjoy the list.

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