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2010 Preview – Movies to Watch For in 2010, Part 1 of 6

January 31, 2010

If there’s anything I learned from my original 2009 predictions, it’s that, 75% of the time, the movies you anticipate the most end up disappointing you the most and the movies you never expected to stand out much end up surprising you completely. So while the next six articles on the subject are devoted to previewing the upcoming year in film and predicting the good and the bad, things will most likely not go as planned. And when do they? Well, yeah, when a project comes up with Martin Scorsese directing a modern Boston mob drama starring Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, and Mark Wahlberg, it’s kinda destined to be a brilliant piece of awesomeness. But generally, movies sound a lot better during production than they end up playing out on the big screen on release night.


  • Section A — If a movie sounds too good to be true, then it will be nowhere near as good as you expect. (True exactly 91.4% of the time. Negated if the film is directed by either Christopher Nolan or David Fincher, at which point you can rest assured it will be amazing.)
  • Section B — If the plot of a movie seems to make absolutely no sense and sounds as if it would be the most boring concept ever, it’ll win an Oscar. Probably more than one. (True exactly 87.5% of the time. Unless, of course, it sounds like a film you might even possibly enjoy. Then, all bets are off on the whole winning an Oscar thing. In fact, the Academy will probably ignore it completely at that point.)
  • Section C — If a movie sounds like complete crap, give it a chance. If you expect nothing, you have the best odds of being surprised. And it’s these films that tend to surprise the most.

This preview is more of an attempt to make readers more aware of upcoming projects than it is a valid source of predictions. In fact, I hope that not all 42 movies that I’ll be anticpitating my anticipation for in this article are half as deserving of my anticipation as I’m anticipating. Because if all 42 were great, how much harder would it be for me to decide on a top 10 list in 12 months? Yeah, that’s right. I’m the guy who hopes to be disappointed by at least 32 films this year just so it’s that much easier to populate my top ten list at the end of the year. That’s a lazy “critic” thinking ahead for ya. I know, I know… I’m brilliant. Please. Save your praise for the comments.

But I digress. Bottom line… Don’t let my predictions sway your opinions about the quality of these films before you see them. Or at least until you see the trailer. UNLESS, of course, I really sound like I know what I’m talking about. At which point, I probably actually know the least about what I’m saying, but in some ironic twist of fate, I’ll end up being completely right. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen far too many times to give up on the theory now.

Anyway, let’s get on with it all… before you realize how much I’m actually discouraging you to read the rest of this potentially useless article. Read on for part 1 of 6 in this preview. Expect subsequent parts in the near future.

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