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The Resurrection (Take Two)

August 7, 2010

Marker_Take2After the Motion Picture Underground began a second span of inactivity back in February, I’m sure all of you were terribly upset and, more importantly, curious as to what could have possibly pulled me away from such a well-paying job for so long. As rumors started to break loose and CNN, the Washington Post, and US Weekly all got a hold of the story, I’m sure that all of you- one way or another- eventually heard about everything that happened in these last 5 months. I will assume that you have read most of the details and seen my interviews on Dateline, Oprah, and 60 Minutes, so I will quickly skim over the story for all of those who have lived under a rock for recent periods of time.

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2009 Comes to a Close / Update

January 1, 2010

Well, after nearly 2 months, I’m back again. Hopefully I can be a little more consistent with my posts in the future, but hey… it WAS Christmas season, so I think I’m at least a little justified in taking so much time off. And now that I’ve lost whatever kind of reader base I didn’t have to begin with, it’s time to get BACK to work on here and at school. I’m overjoyed.

Oh and Happy New Year.

It seems like just a month or two ago that I was checking out 2009’s movie release schedule and jotting down the titles I was most interested in. If there’s one thing I can tell you about this year in film, NOTHING went the way I had expected. Well, that’s not true. Transformers 2 sucked and still made a boatload of money. Watchmen wasn’t nearly good as the trailer made it look. Angels & Demons was ALMOST as boring as the Da Vinci Code. And J.J. Abrams did an incredible job on Star Trek. Those 4 little factoids may be the only things that I expected from the get-go.

It seems that this year was a year of unexpected hits, surprise sleepers, and dissapointment. All the movies I couldn’t wait to see weren’t quite what I had expected (exception: see Star Trek). All (or at least most) of the movies I let slip under my radar were surprisingly good. And the funny thing is… The year is over now but my queue of 2009 movies to see is only half empty AKA I still have 30 movies to sit down and watch before I can make my end-of-the-year evaluations.

Until that’s complete, I thought I’d at least drop in and let WordPress know that I wasn’t dead. In the near future, expect some more reviews- many of which will be of 2009 movies, some of which I may have seen for the first time months ago- and also some opinions on the upcoming awards shows. I’ll let you all know who should win at the Golden Globe’s and who will actually win (since the two never seem to go hand in hand, in my opinion) and then I’ll give you my Oscar’s predictions. AND… I’ll give you my breakdown of the best movies of the 2000’s, which movies from 2009 you should and shouldn’t see, and a preview of the upcoming year of 2010 in film. (No doubt my expectations will be shot in the face repeatedly once again).

I can safely promise you to expect more soon.