Best Movies of 2009 (…So Far)

November 11, 2009

Admittedly, I’ve slacked a little bit on seeing movies released this year and I’ve been spending much more time catching up on movies in my queue from many years ago. However, I’ve seen enough to have some favorites already and some I didn’t like too much. So I thought I’d share my insight on everything so far. And many more 2009 movies are in my To Watch list for the near future! But for now, here’s a few reccomendations if you’re looking for something to see in theaters or on DVD from this year…

1. Inglourious Basterds

6. Star Trek

2. District 9

7. Adventureland
3. Zombieland 8. The Hangover
4. (500) Days of Summer
9. State of Play
5. Paranormal Activity

10. Taken

Honorable Mentions: I Love You Man, Sunshine Cleaning, The Education of Charlie Banks, Funny People, Fanboys, My Sister’s Keeper, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Soloist, Public Enemies

So far, it’s been a good year for movies with a good variety to look out for. Although not many projects have yet wowed me (see my top 4 for that department), there’s been a good balance of different but decent and entertaining movies to make it a satisfying year. And there are many more I still have yet to see!

What have your favorites been so far?



  1. I have to say Paranormal Activity was not what I expected. I was actually expecting a bit more ‘activity’. Still, good movie knowing that it was shot in a week and had a very low budget.

  2. Nice to see another Inglourious Basterds lover and kudos on placing State of Play in the top 10 šŸ™‚ I ranked District 9 a bit lower though

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